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About Us

Our driving motivation is work. We know that good jobs lead to a better life for our members and stronger potential for our organization. With steady work comes a steady income, family benefits and the ability to save and plan for the future. We also know that a thriving job market depends on thriving communities. We believe it is in everyone’s best interest to invest in the places they call home and to make a positive contribution to the world around them. We have the right people, the right tools and the right ideas.

We are the Carpenters.







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Sisters In The Brotherhood


Learn about our Sisters in the Brotherhood.

Financial Literacy

Learn how to manage your personal finances with this free, convenient online course.

Open to all Carpenter members.


Stop so-called "Right To Work"

A national movement of corporate special interests is pushing "right to work" laws in numerous states. We have been fighting against this deceptive and ill-conceived crusade and will continue to do so until RTW is stopped. There is a role to play for everyone concerned about working families in Missouri and Illinois.

Staying informed is the first step.

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