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Who We Are / Our Commitment

The Regional Council works for its members by:
  • Negotiating fair wages and comprehensive benefit packages.
  • Investing over $250 million in redevelopment projects to create MAN HOURS.
  • Organizing the Home Building Industry in the St. Louis area.
  • Stocking a food bank for members in times of economic distress.
The Regional Council believes in providing our contractors with the most productive, highest-quality workforce available. We are constantly looking for advanced training or technology that will give our members the competitive edge. Our Regional Council members are required to:
  • Complete more than four years of hands-on training at our state-of-the-art training centers.
  • Participate in a comprehensive continuing safety and skill advancement program.
  • Undergo regular drug testing.
To be a member of the St. Louis - Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council means being a proud part of one of the oldest and best labor unions in the nation. For information on how to become a part of this tradition, contact the Regional Council Office at 314.644.4800 or toll-free at 800.332.7188.
Quick Facts
  • Started in 1881 by Peter J. McGuire
  • Invested $250 million to promote MAN HOURS
  • Covers Missouri, Kansas and Southern Illinois
  • Current Executive Secretary-Treasurer: Al Bond
  • The Carpenters' Union builds our community