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Annuity Plan / FAQs

Since the annuity plan began in May 2019, when can annuity distributions begin?

No distributions will be made under any circumstances prior to May 1, 2022.

Can I contribute to the Annuity Fund?

No. The annuity is only funded by pre-tax employer contributions.

Can I specify how I want my individual account balance invested?

No. The Trustees work with professional investment advisors to invest participants’ account balances.

What happens to my account if I die before I retire?

Your named beneficiary(ies) will be entitled to your annuity. Make sure to complete an Annuity Beneficiary Form.

What happens if I get divorced?

Contact the Fund Office for a Beneficiary Designation form to change your beneficiary or download a form from our website. You will be required to submit a copy of your divorce decree and all documents filed with the decree. Your former spouse may be awarded a portion of your annuity account through a Qualified Domestic Relations Order.

When can I retire?

You may commence benefits at your earliest retirement age (55) if you choose. Please check with your Tax Advisor if you plan to withdraw any benefits prior to age 59 ½ for possible tax implications. You are not required to begin drawing your Defined Benefit and your Defined Contribution (annuity) benefits at the same time.

Can I borrow money from the Fund or take a hardship withdrawal?

Loans are not available under this Plan. However, you may qualify for a hardship withdrawal if medical expenses exceed a certain amount OR if you incur certain burial or funeral expenses. Refer to the Annuity Fund Summary Plan Description or contact the Fund Office to discuss your personal situation.

If I take a hardwhip withdrawal, can I later repay the amounts that I withdrew?

No. There is no repayment provision under the Plan.

I recently became disabled and cannot work. Can I receive the money in my account?

Yes, as long as you are considered totally and permanently disabled in accordance with the federal Social Security Act and satisfy the terms of the Annuity Fund. Refer to the Annuity Fund Summary Plan Description or contact the Fund Office to discuss your options.

If I withdraw my entire account balance, will my account be closed?

Yes, your account will be closed. However, your account would be re-established should you return to work for a contributing employer and again start to earn hours of service in the Annuity Plan.

Am I able to rollover funds into my annuity?

Yes, but this option will come at a later date.

Do I need to withdraw my entire annuity amount when I retire?

No. The default withdrawal is a 100% lump-sum payment of your Individual Account (Accumulated Share). However, as an alternative, you may elect partial lump sum withdrawals not more than once per calendar year, as long as the withdrawal amount is at least 5% of the Individual Account. (See Section 3.02 of the Plan)