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Benefits / Contact

St. Louis office hours/Phone lines open:
Tuesday through Thursday 7am - 5pm (office is open)

Monday & Friday 7am - 5pm (office is closed/phone lines open for member calls ONLY)

Kansas City office hours:
Monday through Thursday 7am - 5pm (office is open)

Friday 7am - 5pm (office is closed/phone lines open for member calls ONLY)
St. Louis location:
1419 Hampton Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63139
Kansas City location:
8955 E East 38th Terrace
Kansas City, MO 64129
Contact information:
Phone: 314.644.4802 or Toll-Free at 877.232.3863
816.841.7136, Kansas City direct
Fax: 314.678.1110 (Health and Welfare)
816.931.0097 (KC Health and Welfare)
314.678.1111 (Operational Services)
314.644.0200 (Pension)
314.678.1110 (Employer Services)
Or email us with your questions or comments:
General Benefits
Safety Training
Drug Testing


Do not include private personal information such as your SSN in an email. To assist with your inquiry, you may include your UBC ID # or the last four digits of your SSN (###-##-1234).

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Extraordinary Service.
Driving Innovation.
Deep Commitment.

Delivering the best benefits
to the most members
for as long as possible.