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More than a job, a career.

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Square UP
contact: Steve Dittrich 314.605.0182

BAM Contracting
contact: Brian Heinz 314.446.0415 ext. 108

Con Tech Carpentry
contact: Ron Behrmann 314.608.4111

Cheltenham Construction Services
contact: Ryan Blankenship 314.565.0385

Builders Bloc
contact: Terry Nelson, Jr. 314.574.7182

E & K of Kansas City
contact: Steve Ray 816.765.4700


The road to becoming a journey-level carpenter begins with our nationally-recognized apprenticeship program. Your education will consist of on-the-job training combined with classroom and shop instruction. You'll work for a union contractor while attending classes at one of our state of the art training centers. As you progress, your income will increase until you reach your goal of becoming a fully trained carpenter.

We're here to help you each step of the way.

Get a college degree in less time. An agreement with our college partners allows our carpenters to transfer credits and jump start an advanced degree.


Secure a job with a union contractor (our employment counselors will help you with job leads.) Once you have a Letter of Intent (which states that the contractor intends to hire you as an apprentice carpenter) you will take an approved drug screening, complete a 5-day new-apprenticeship course, and pay a $35 fee for processing your paperwork.

Congratulations! You are now a first-term apprentice carpenter.

Over the next four years you will divide your time between working in the field with your contractor and attending classes/shop training at the Carpenters Training Center. You will earn while your learn, moving up the pay scale on your way to becoming a journey-level carpenter.

Hourly Pay for professionally-trained union carpenters can reach $38.85/hour.

Joseph Rainwater, Journeyman
US Army (1999-2013)


Why are so many of our carpenters former military? Because we too value character. It was dedicated hard work that built America, and our union. Men and women returning from the armed services find great pay, secure benefits and a team of leaders protecting our rights. Every day. On every job.
"Being a union carpenter means I’ve got someone watching my back, fighting for a safe worksite, fair pay and a solid retirement plan. If you want to get trained for a meaningful, lifelong career this is the place to be."

Curtis Hurd, apprentice


Founded in 1882, the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America is one of the oldest and largest trade unions in existence.

You are joining a team of more than 500,000 union brothers and sisters across North America. Many joined us right out of high school, while many others worked in a variety of careers before realizing that professional carpentry was their true calling in life.

Our apprenticeship program is an investment in the future of our union. We take it seriously, and expect the same of those who enroll.


The Sisters in the Brotherhood is a coalition of female carpenters that supports other women; assisting with leadership skills, being advocates on women’s issues within the union, and by mentoring new and potential members.

Learn more about our Sisterhood.

"I believe in this union and what we stand for – good pay, benefits and a pension. The training program pushes me to keep learning more and improve my skills."

Anthony Macias - Shawnee, Kansas

St. Louis-Kansas City

Carpenters Regional Council

1401 Hampton Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63139


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