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Contractors / Delinquency List


The St. Louis - Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council considers the Employers listed on this website to be delinquent, as of the Posting Date, in contributions, reports or both, due to one or more of the Pension, Health and Welfare, Vacation and Training Funds sponsored by the Regional Council. "Delinquent" for this purpose means any of the following, according to the records of the Funds, as of the Posting Date displayed on the delinquency list: (1) The Employer has not paid in full the contributions shown to be due on the hours reports it has submitted; (2) The Employer has not paid in full the amounts found due in an audit conducted by the Funds; (3) The Employer has not paid all amounts due under a settlement agreement entered into with the Funds; or (4) The Employer has not filed all required hours reports from which contributions due can be determined.

Users of this site must determine in their own judgement what use, if any, to make of the information presented.

The Funds and the Regional Council do not promise, represent or guarantee:
  1. That the hours reports submitted by listed Employers are accurate or complete;
  2. The the Funds' records, and this listing, are free from errors;
  3. That a listed Employer has not in fact paid all amounts due to the Funds; or
  4. That every Employer who is delinquent has been named in this list
To gain access to the list on this site, a user must click the "Accept" button below. Clicking the Accept button constitutes the agreement of the user that neither the Funds nor the Regional Council nor their Trustees, officers, employees and agents nor any other person or entity that publishes this list shall have any liability for errors or omissions in the list, or for loss or damage resulting from reliance on any information contained in this site, irrespective of negligence or other fault on the part of the Funds, the Regional Council, their Trustees, officers, employees, agents, or such other person or entity.

Users desiring to update this information, or with any other questions about this site, may contact Juli Laramie, the Funds' Controller at (314) 269-5244.