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Eligibility / Spousal Coverage

Spousal Coverage Program

The Plan requires the working spouse of an Active* eligible member to enroll in their employer's health plan. Each year working and non-working spouses are required to complete a Spousal Coverage Program Verification Form in order to be eligible for coverage. More information and FAQ regarding the Plan's Spousal Coverage Program may be found in our Spousal Coverage brochure.

Did you become employed? Are you waiting for your employer's open enrollment period? If yes, check with your employer about their enrollment deadline. 

If coverage is available, you will need to enroll in your employer's plan. If you have questions or need assistance, contact Member Services: 
By phone: 314.644.4802
Toll-free: 877.232.3863

*Active means eligibility based on hours, including Minimum/Difference, Self-Employed and Office Employees.


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