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ICRA - Best Practices in Health Care Construction


Best Practices in Health Care Construction

Have you visited a local hospital recently? If so, you know that major expansion projects are underway at many healthcare facilities. To keep up with an aging population, and ever-evolving hospital technology, facilities are building up and adding on at some of the largest medical campuses.

This presents unique challenges for hospitals since construction sites unavoidably create dust and dirt that can contaminate sterile environments if not kept in check. The Carpenters Union is leading the way developing innovative training and techniques that teach our expert craftspeople how to reduce the risk of contamination while working in busy hospitals and clinics.

Construction ICRA is all about containing pathogens, controlling airflow and protecting patients while performing the necessary construction work. Our members are trained to identify potential risks (asbestos, lead, mold, silica, and other harmful materials) and take the appropriate precautions to minimize the risk of spreading contaminants.

Healthcare construction provides thousands of hours of stable work for our members, and our state-of-the-art ICRA training gives our signatory contractors the competitive advantage of knowing how to carry out major construction plans safely and efficiently.

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