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Article / Attention - Health Plan ID Cards Printed Incorrectly

Attention - Health Plan ID Cards Printed Incorrectly.

Attention members and covered dependents!

Due to an alignment error, the health plan ID cards that were mailed this month to all individuals covered under the plan contain incorrect information on the medical benefits (Cigna) portion of the cards.

Here is the discrepancy:

Wrong        Correct
Urgent Care: $250 & Coinsurance Urgent Care: $75
Emergency Room: In-Network: 80% / 20%  Emergency Room: $250 & 20% Coinsurance
Coinsurance: Out-of-Network 50% / 50% Coinsurance: In-Network 80% / 20%

Coinsurance: Out-of-Network 50% / 50%

Click here to view a sample ID card and correct coverage amounts. New replacement ID cards have been requested for all members and covered dependents. The new cards should be received in approximately two weeks.

If you have a scheduled doctor's appointment before the new replacement cards arrive, please contact the Benefits' Office at 877.232.3863 and one of our Representatives will mail you a paper copy of the new card immediately.

Please note:
  • Only the medical benefits section copay and coinsurance information is incorrect on the new cards. 
  • All other benefit information, including medical deductibles are correct.
  • This applies to Cigna members and dependents only. This does not apply to members or dependents covered under the UnitedHealthCare Advantage Plan.