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Article / The Life of Our Tiny Home

The Life of Our Tiny Home.

The idea for the St. Louis Carpenters' Tiny Home build began in January of 2018, with the concept of donating the tiny home to a veteran's organization to help provide temporary mobile housing for homeless vets.

The St. Louis Carpenters Joint Apprenticeship program (CJAP) began the construction of the tiny home in January 2018 through multiple generous donations. Initially, funds for the trailer, which was required to make the tiny home mobile, were donated by the 21-14 Concussion Awareness Foundation, a non-profit organization created to honor the late John S. Gaal, Jr.. Gaal, Jr., was an advocate for helping the less fortunate homeless of our region.

Others soon jumped in to help. Henges Interiors provided the spray in closed cell foam insulation for the trailer subfloor to keep the floor toasty for those cold winter days and nights. Liese Lumber provided the exterior cedar siding, interior wall pine tongue and groove siding and the metal roofing, and Sunset Hills Home Depot donated all of the Anderson Windows. Reinhold Electric provided all the electrical, interior exterior equipment, as well all PEX plumbing for sink, shower, toilet, and water heater, and the furnace/AC unit.  Reinhold Electric was also pivotal in transporting the tiny home to the St. Louis Home Builders annual Home and Garden Show in 2018 and 2019, as well as to its final Home at Camp Hope in Farmington on June 26, 2019.  Supply Concepts donated the tiny home's microwave and refrigerator.  A local wounded veteran with Wounded Warriors Woodworking crafted several pieces of “tiny” furniture for the tiny home. 

The construction of the St. Louis CJAP tiny home was overseen by several of the St. Louis CJAP instructors, including John Mormann, Rico Luna, Vince Bandermann, Todd Erdman, Mark Clancy, Lynda Drendel and Curt Grueneberg.  The instructors provided Apprentices with instruction for the build spanning two years of training until its completion in March of 2019.  The final resting place for the tiny home is Camp Hope located in Farmington MO. Camp Hope, founded by parents of a fallen soldier in 2007, welcomes any veteran wounded in the global war on terror, all expenses paid.

For additional pictures of our tiny home, visit our Facebook page.