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Article / Vaccination Event Success

Vaccination Event Success.

On Thursday, March 18, Carpenters Regional Council hosted a coronavirus vaccination event for our members and their spouses. After months of weekly applications to the state, Carpenters Wellness Center was granted 500 doses of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine from the State of Missouri this week that were used to vaccinate our most vulnerable membership in St. Louis and surrounding areas.

Al Bond, EST, was both excited and relieved to host the event for members and their spouses. "I am thrilled we had this opportunity to do a COVID 19 vaccination event with the Wellness Center yesterday. I am grateful so many were able to receive the vaccine. It is my hope that we will be able to extend this opportunity to more members in the future through the Wellness Center."

Outreach began this week to our most vulnerable population nearest the Wellness Center, requesting members and spouses to complete a pre-registration survey to demonstrate interest. Those who responded to the pre-registration survey were emailed links to the vaccination sign up just days before the event. Those who did not provide email were called on the phone number they provided.

A total of 528 members and spouses were vaccinated. All expressed extreme gratitude, relief and are ready to put this past year of the pandemic behind them.

Carpenters Wellness Center is not guaranteed to receive another allotment from the state. However, if you are in the St. Louis area or are willing to travel to the St. Louis area and are interested in receiving a COVID-19 vaccination, please visit our website to pre-register. We ask that you do not call the Wellness Center as they do not have a supply of vaccination available at this time.


Over the next few weeks, more people will have an even greater opportunity to get vaccinated in many locations throughout the area. Please take the time to register with health departments and local healthcare providers in your state.

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