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Article / Thank You

Thank You.

The Regional Council's "social event of the year" drew a packed house, raising $12,814 for the Carpenters Scholarship Fund. Mark your calendar and join us next year for the 16th annual Mouse Racing & Rodent Roulette on February 27, 2021.

Special Thanks to Matt Taetz, Local 1596 with Best MouseRace.

Also special thanks for the generous donations from Carpenters Local 32, Wentzville; Carpenters Local 92, St. Louis; Carpenters Local 97, St. Louis; Carpenters Local 664, Wood River, IL; Floorlayers, Local 1310; and Local 2214, Festus.

Workers for the Mouse Races
Organizers: Brian Doerr, CRC Rep and Local 1596; Robin Hellmer, CRC.

Volunteers: Keith Taylor, Director of Organizing and Local 92; Scott Byrne, CRC Rep and Local 1596; Jeff Haantz, CRC Rep and Local 1596;Paul Higgins, CRC Rep and Local 32; Mark Dalton, Assistant Political Director and Local 32; Ray Schwegmann, CRC Rep and Local 92; Todd Hake, CRC Rep and Local 97; Shane Anslem, CRC Rep and Local 2298; Greg Hefele, CRC Rep and Local 1310; Kevin Haynes, CRC Rep and Local 97; Jennifer Adams, CRC Area Steward and Local 1596; Ron Tierney, Director of Training & Workforce Development and Local 92; Dan Neiswander, CRC Rep and Local 92; Jamey Torregrossa, CRC and Local 1596; Todd Christensen, CRC and Local 97; Mary Hayes, CRC; Vicky Andrews,CRC; Bridget Schade, CRC; Cari Brauer, CRC; Shona Schaefer, CRC; Sarah Becherer, CRC; Deanne Title, Pension and Compliance Manager; Dawn Street,Benefits; Craig Hood, Apprenticeship Coordinator and Local 92; and Jenny Woodard.