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Article / Dark Money Threatens Working Families

Dark Money Threatens Working Families.

On Tuesday, a Cole County Circuit judge ordered Gov. Eric Greitens’ nonprofit, A New Missouri Inc., to turn over potentially incriminating documents to the special House committee investigating possible campaign finance violations.

Rather than comply with the order and practice the transparent politics he promised while campaigning for office, Greitens announced his resignation. Instead of putting the interest of working Missouri families first, he chose to resign rather than disclose the names of the big-money donors who carried him to office.

Despite his resignation, the House committee now says the governor must still comply with the judge’s order. Greitens has yet to do so.

This is par for the course for a politician who will stop at nothing to make life harder for the working families in the state he represents. Since he began his political career, he’s bowed to corporate interests and greedy CEOs—he rode in on a wave of dark money and left in order to protect the donors who bought and paid for him.  The same donors and dark money who are behind Prop A. The same donors and dark money who are trying to give themselves more power and line their own pockets at a time when CEO pay has grown 364 times higher than what the average worker makes.  And the same donors and dark money that are determined to drive down wages for Missouri families, making it harder to make ends meet.        

It's time the PEOPLE of Missouri – not dark money and puppet politicians –to decide what’s best for our state.  Join us on Tuesday, August 7, by voting No On Prop A.

Youcan read more about the dark money nonprofit here.