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Article / Latest on Proposition A

Latest on Proposition A.

The most important election in decades for the Regional Council is fast approaching. The date is:


Remember this date! Pass it on. Tell all of your family and friends that we cannot allow Missouri to become a RTW state.

Executive Secretary-Treasurer Al Bond has personally met with hundreds of us from Cape Girardeau to Kansas City, and all points in between, to explain just what is at stake for us, our families, our union and our livelihood.

Why is this such a critical issue for us?

With backing from out-of-state corporate CEOs, our Legislature has passed a law making Missouri a “Right to Work” state. Everywhere it has been tried, this failed policy has resulted in lower wages for all workers, reduced health and pension benefits, stalled job creation and created a race to the bottom.

However, here in the Show Me State, more than 300,000 citizens signed petitions to block the law from taking effect, forcing the issue to a vote of the people Aug. 7.

Proposition A is government overreach into the workplace, which distracts from the real issues like creating jobs and improving our schools.

Proposition A is the brainchild of out-of-state billionaires, super PACs, and corporate special interest groups that are down-sizing, shipping jobs overseas and hiding profits offshore to avoid paying the same taxes the rest of us pay.

Proposition A gives even more power to big corporations at a time when CEO pay has grown 364 times higher than what the average worker makes.

We want the PEOPLE of Missouri – not puppet politicians –deciding what’s best for our state.

Join us on Tuesday, August 7 by voting No On Prop A.

Learn more on the issue here.  And get registered to vote here.

Prop A Informational Sessions have been held at the following Carpenter locations around Missouri. Check back for updated information as our fight builds.

Springfield - April 12
St. Louis - April 17
Jefferson City - April 18
Kansas City - April 26
Cape Girardeau - May 16
Wentzville - May 21

Paid for by the St. Louis-Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council, 1401 Hampton Ave., St. Louis, Missouri, 63139, Al Bond, Executive Secretary-Treasurer