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Article / Carpenters Wellness Center Opening Summer 2019

Carpenters Wellness Center Opening Summer 2019.

It's your health.
Carpenters Wellness Center will offer a wide range of services to meet members' health care needs with no copay and no deductibles.

Interface Construction broke ground on the Carpenters new Wellness Center on the St. Louis Hampton campus this November, with the center expected to open its doors to covered members and their families Summer 2019.

With urgent care centers and physicians offices around every corner, why has Carpenters Regional Council chosen to make this kind of investment in the health of our members?

Onsite wellness centers have been found to be of great value in healthcare. It reverses the typical patient-physician relationship: Instead of 30 minutes in the waiting room and 10 minutes with the physician, less time will ultimately be spent in the waiting room and more time with the physician for personalized, one-on-one care. More specifically, Carpenters has identified specific ways in which the wellness center will positively impact our members and our Plan.

#1 Personalizing Primary Care Services.
We know that primary care physicians are harder to find and their services do not often provide the personal, high quality care members need. Our center will be available for our membership only, thus allowing more time for our wellness center physicians. The care our wellness center will provide will be personal, one-on-one and more than just a quick fix for your healthcare needs

#2 Reducing Healthcare Costs.
Urgent care and emergency care services are driving up costs in the Carpenters Health Plan. We have discovered members are often using these facilities for services that are not necessarily urgent or an emergency. Both members and the Plan incur unnecessarily high costs when this happens. The wellness center is a better way to get the care members need at a lower cost to both the member and the Plan.

#3 Guaranteeing High Quality Care.
Members often have difficulty finding high quality services. Cerner works to create a positive experience by empowering physicians to provide high quality care and to manage patients’ lifelong health.

#4 Eliminating Out-of-pocket Costs.
Members incur an out-of-pocket cost while using any facility, even In-Network facilities, which often results in a barrier to access the care they need. The new wellness center will be available at no cost to covered members for most services provided.

#5 Utilizing Best-Outcome Specialist Care.
Carpenters Wellness Center will be able to provide a broad range of very personalized care services with improved quality and lower cost to both you and the Plan. Primary physicians will work with specialized physicians to ensure members are receiving the best care possible.

While we understand the Carpenters St. Louis Wellness Center cannot reach all of our members, it is simply the first wellness center for our membership. Discussions have already begun to expand to Kansas City. Future centers around the Carpenters Regional Council are under consideration in key geographic areas where more members can be served.

View the full scope of Wellness Center services

Qualified healthcare applicants may apply for a position with Cerner at Carpenters Wellness Center at Use Carpenters in your search to find available positions posted.