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Article / St. Louis Training School Career Fair

St. Louis Training School Career Fair.

With a total 450 students in attendance, the Career Fair held at the St. Louis Training Center on April 17 was unique in that all of the students attending already have a drive and interest in the construction industry. They are taking Carpentry, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Masonry, or Welding classes in CTE programs already.

Visit our post on Facebook for more photos from this event.

24 Participating Contractors & Associations:
Local #18 Tile, Marble, and Terrazzo 
Local #513 Operators
Local #660 Laborers
Local #1 Bricklayers
Cement Masons Apprenticeship Program 
Local #36 Sheet Metal Workers
Reinhold Electric
Ambassador Flooring Company
Mr. Davids Flooring Company
Massman Construction Co.
TJ Wies 
Square Up
DH Pace Overhead Door
Builders Bloc
CT Carpentry
Con Tech Carpentry
Fisher & Fritchel

14 Participating Career Centers & Schools:
Lewis and Clark Career Center
Jefferson Area Technical School
Rolla Technical Institute
UniTech Career Center
Troy High School
South Technical High School
North Technical High School
Beaumont High School Career Center
Festus High School
Brentwood High School
Salem High School
Jennings High School
Four Rivers Career Center
Job Corps STL