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Article / New Health Plan Benefit Initiatives

New Health Plan Benefit Initiatives.

Carpenters Health Plan has exciting new benefits launching April 1 to help you and the Plan save money! Read below to find out how Healthcare Bluebook, Teladoc and IHD can help you meet your healthcare needs for little to no out-of-pocket cost.

Go Green to Get Green.
Get paid to save on medical care!

Choose the right path with Healthcare Bluebook and earn rewards.
With Healthcare Bluebook, you’ll save hundreds to thousands of dollars on medical procedures by choosing Fair Price (green) facilities for your care. Plus, you’ll get paid to save! Every time you shop for eligible procedures in Healthcare Bluebook and pick a Fair Price (green) facility for your care, you’ll earn a reward. It’s easy!

Get connected to Healthcare Bluebook
On your PC, laptop or tablet:

On your phone, download the app using Company Code CARPDC:
For iPhone
For Android

By phone:

Use Healthcare Bluebook to shop for care
Use the Healthcare Bluebook website, mobile app, or phone support to shop for a Fair Price™ (green) facility for your procedure. Then schedule your appointment.

Always check network status before scheduling.

Go Green to Get Green
  1. Shop for your procedure using Healthcare Bluebook.
  2. Use a Fair Price™ (green) facility of your choice.
  3. Earn up to a $2,000 reward on eligible procedures.
No forms or extra steps required. It’s automatic! Find common reward procedures on Healthcare Bluebook's website after April 1st.

Dependents also eligible for rewards. Please allow 60-90 days for processing.

Enter for a Chance to Win: April Healthcare Bluebook Incentive
Take a Guided Tour anytime during the month of April and discover how easy it is to shop and earn up to a $2,000 reward! Plus, if you take the tour during the month of April you’ll be entered for a chance to win one (1) of four (4) $250 Visa gift cards!

Any time you need a doctor’s care, you’ve got Teladoc®.

Register with Teladoc today. Once registered, you can speak with a licensed doctor within minutes. Anytime, anywhere. All members and dependents 18 and older may speak with a doctor for free, by phone or video chat online. Teladoc may also be used to speak with a doctor about your dependent children ages two (2) and older. Teladoc is also happy to provide information about your Teladoc consultation to your primary care physician if you wish.

Get connected with Teladoc
Online on your PC:

Online on your mobile device:

On the app in the iTunes or Google Play Store.

By phone:

Transition Care and Care Assist Programs

Carpenters Health Plan has partnered with Innovative Healthcare Delivery (IHD) to provide a Transition Care Program and a Care Assist Program for when you or a covered family member is admitted to the hospital or scheduled for an outpatient procedure.

How it Works
Transition Care Program:
If you are admitted to a hospital, IHD contacts you to help coordinate post-discharge care. IHD Patient Advocates understand Carpenters’ benefits and the complexities of the health care system. They advocate on your behalf to ensure your pathway to recovery is free of any obstacles.

Care Assist Program: If you are scheduled for an outpatient procedure, IHD may call you to help with medication barriers, coordinating your medical records between providers, scheduling follow-up appointments, and ensuring the durable medical equipment you need is received. All these services are in place to ensure you have a smooth recovery process.

There is nothing you need to do to participate with IHD. IHD will contact you when you or a family member are eligible for services.