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Benefits / Safety Training Program

Regional Council Mandatory Annual Safety Training Requirement

The St. Louis - Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council (CRC) requires all active Carpenters, Millwrights, Floor Layers and Electricians to first obtain their respective 10-Hour OSHA Safety Course qualification.* Upon completion of the 10-Hour OSHA, all active Members must then complete an approved mandatory safety training course every three (3) years. The Annual Safety Training Requirement must be completed once in a three (3) year period prior to May 1st. Approved Safety Training courses are listed on our website. Member Training records may also be accessed from our website once logged in to the member's account.

The CRC Safety Training program is run by the CRC but managed in conjunction with the St. Louis Carpenters Training Schools. For questions regarding class schedules or how to sign up, please call the St. Louis Carpenters Training School at 314.457.8300. In addition, courses and school links can be found from the Home Page of from the Members → Training menu.

*Completion of the CFR Part 1910 General Industry OSHA -10 Course fulfills a Cabinetmakers CRC Safety Training requirement.

View current schedule here.