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Members / Sisters In The Brotherhood

Sisters In The Brotherhood

The Sisters in the Brotherhood is a coalition of female carpenters who support other women by providing assistance in training and leadership skills, being advocates on women's issues within the union, and by mentoring new and potential members.

"It changes your whole outlook on life knowing that you're doing something for yourself."

We aspire to see that all members of our society have the opportunity to join the union.

Sisters in the Brotherhood (SIB) provides guidance and assistance in developing the tools that the St. Louis - Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council needs to recruit and retain women in our union.
SIB provides - and encourages our sisters to pursue - leadership opportunities within their locals and the Regional Council.

Among the SIB committee's goals is to develop and initiate methods for having women ready and able to enter the workforce and to mentor our sisters in becoming strong and participating union members.

Sisters In The Brotherhood of Carpenters STL/KC

Our Objectives

  • To recruit girls and women to become members of the union.
  • To mentor women apprentices to become full participants in their locals.
  • To educate women on the basic structure of the union and how to become an active and involved member.
  • To ensure that there are support systems incorporated into the apprenticeship program that improve the environment in which women are receiving training.
  • To work on retention efforts that keep more women in the union.
  • To work as volunteers in the community and promote the Carpenters.

We help eliminate barriers to success, while promoting greater diversity in the Carpenters union.

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