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Vacation Plan / FAQs

When do I redeem my Vacation benefits?

Electronic Vacation Benefit statements are usually available during the last week in May for participants who earned Vacation benefits in the prior Plan Year. The Plan Year runs May 1 - April 30.

For example, participants who earned Vacation benefits in the 2021 Plan Year (May 1, 2021 - April 30, 2021), redemption begins May 21, 2021 at 12:01 am on the carpdc website. Payment of benefits will begin June 1. Vacation Benefits may be authorized on our website for redemption once the Vacation Benefit Redemption period begins.

How do I redeem my Vacation benefits?

Online Vacation Benefit Redemption requires you to have a account. Accounts are available to participants only. Refer to the FAQ on for directions on setting up your personal account.

To authorize your Vacation benefits once Vacation Benefit Redemption has begun, simply click on one of the Vacation Redemption links on carpdc. You will be prompted to log in before you are able to redeem your benefits. You may either log in first by selecting the Log In/Log Out icon on the right of the carpdc home page, or click on a Vacation Redemption  link and carpdc will prompt you to log in.

Vacation Redemption links may be found in several locations on carpdc:
  1. On the home page beneath the website tutorials,
  2. By selecting Members → Benefits → Vacation Plan → Vacation Redemption, or
  3. By selecting the Log In/Log Out icon on the right of the carpdc home page to open the right menu. There is a Quick Links option in this menu. Select Edit Your Quick Links and another screen will open. Select Vacation Redemption to be added your your Quick Links menu. Now, re-open the right menu. Vacation Redemption will be a static option under Quick  Links after you log in.
Once you have set up your personal account and have authorized your Vacation benefits, your Vacation Benefits will be paid electronically to a checking or savings account you designate. A paper check is available if that option is preferred. 

If you do not have access to a personal computer, smart phone, tablet or similar electronic device that allows Internet connection, there are two other options for processing available:
  • There are often computers available for use at public libraries.
  • Manual Benefit processing is available by calling our Benefit Office. Manual Benefit processing allows a Benefits’ Office staff member to authorize your Vacation benefits on your behalf and is available only on a case-by-case basis. 
For questions regarding the Vacation Benefit Redemption process, setting up a personal email account or personal account, or for help authorizing your Vacation Redemption online, please call Member Services at 314.644.4802, option 1.

After I authorize my Vacation Benefits, how long before I receive my payment?

Initial payment begins every year on June 1, after authorization of benefits.

After June 1, direct deposits will be made within 3-5 days from the date Vacation Benefits are authorized. If a paper check option is selected, checks will be mailed within 3-5 days from the date of the redemption. Participants must allow 10 business days from the date of issue before a check may be traced if not received.

After the second week in June, payments will be processed weekly on Mondays.