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Drug Testing Program / Requirements

Drug and Alcohol Testing Program

Members of the St. Louis - Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council (CRC) believe it is in the best interest of our contractors and construction consumers to adopt a uniform Drug and Alcohol Testing program and database of tested Members for Union Construction Workers within this jurisdiction.

The program applies to all employees of contractors signatory to collective bargaining agreements of the CRC. Union Members of the CRC and its member contractors have a vital interest in maintaining safe, healthful and efficient working conditions for its employees. The Employer and the Union share an obligation to construction owners to provide employees who are free from prohibited substances such as drugs and alcohol. The Union also believes it is in their best interests to offer rehabilitation opportunities to an employee who abuses drugs and alcohol.

The objective of this Drug and Alcohol Testing Program is to improve safety, productivity and morale on all construction sites and to eliminate duplicate and redundant testing for its Members.

St. Louis MRO, Inc, is the current drug testing company utilized by the CRC.