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Article / Cigna's March VitaMin

Cigna's March VitaMin.

Vital health information in a minute

Declutter your life - Be happy and healthy

Having too much clutter in your life can be a burden. A cluttered living space can zap your energy at home. A disorganized desk or digital life can be distracting. An overbooked calendar can be exhausting to maintain.

Clutter in any shape or form can ramp up your stress without you even realizing it.

You have the power to declutter your life and choose what makes you happy. And doing so may actually improve your health and boost your mood.

Here are some benefits of decluttering and living more simply.

Less stress. Dealing with a constant pileup of clutter can make you feel scattered, disorganized and stressed. Decluttering at home can help you create a calm and peaceful living space.

Better focus. A cluttered environment can make it hard to focus. Your brain gets distracted by seeing a lot of extra stuff, whether it’s a messy desk or an out-of-control email inbox. Putting stuff away and removing things you no longer need can help you be more efficient.

Healthier home. Clutter can be a dust magnet, and it can get in the way of cleaning floors and surfaces throughout your home. Clearing the clutter can help you get rid of dust and germs, too.

Financial clarity. A pileup of paperwork or financial statements can be unsettling. You may worry about missing a bill payment or overlooking an important financial message. Creating a system for managing bills and filing important paperwork can put your mind at ease.

Less conflict. Tensions can run high when family members are fed up with clutter or unable to find what they need. Life runs more smoothly when everyone works together to reduce clutter and finds ways to organize their stuff at home.

More freedom. When you get rid of the things that are weighing you down, you may find that you have more time and energy to devote to what matters most to you.

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