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Article / 2018


So where is the AGC of Missouri headed for 2018? 

As always, we are guided by our Board of Directors and our strategic plan, but needless to say there are changes ahead that none of us can plan for.  In addition to a solid Board of Directors that represents all segments of the industry, AGC of Missouri has a tremendously talented professional staff to both work towards the long-range goals established by the Board and to react to unanticipated changes in the construction marketplace.  Here are a few of the latter as far as I can tell.

2018 is an election year.  For anyone who was rock solid in predicting the election outcomes for 2016, I applaud your foresight.  We could sure use you in 2018.  There are several very important elections taking place during 2018, not the least of those being a U.S. Senate seat and an initiative petition ballot issue related to Right To Work.  Other issues may be on the ballot as determined by the Missouri legislature. 

Any guesses? 

Transportation funding maybe?  MSD will be engaging in a rate case for storm water funding that may end up on the ballot sometime in the future.

On the regulatory side, both St. Louis City and St. Louis County are looking at diversity and inclusion with disparity studies and potential regulatory change. MoDOT is looking at its DBE program that is expired and past the required date for updating.  More to come for sure on inclusion related issues.

Several new labor agreements will take effect and be negotiated during 2018.  Lots of discussion will certainly be going on in the Missouri Legislature related to payment of prevailing wages.  AGC of Missouri staff and contractors are very involved in these discussions.  These will certainly have an impact on labor somehow during 2018.

The construction marketplace overall looks relatively healthy for 2018.  Building work has many new projects coming out of the ground.  Through the spend-down of reserves, MoDOT has been able to keep the roads and bridges maintained.  MSD continues to work on their consent decree mandated work.  

Some things are certain for 2018.  The value of relationships, inside current information, and keeping up with industry trends will continue to be important if not grow in importance as the speed of change and uncertainty grow.  AGC of Missouri membership value and the involvement that contractors have in their association will continue to grow in importance during 2018.  When heading on a journey with an uncertain environment ahead, it is always smart to be as prepared as possible both for what is certainly on the map and for unplanned difficulties and situations. 

AGC of Missouri works every day to provide this for our members and the industry we serve.

Len Toenjes, President
AGC of Missouri