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Article / Carpenters Wellness Program

Carpenters Wellness Program.


It’s the new buzz word around Carpenters. And with good reason.

You are the bones of the St. Louis - Kansas City Carpenters Regional Council. You build our cities and counties. You are why we rally together to fight so-called right-to-work. You are why the Council secures the union jobsites where you apply your craft. Your skill and training far surpass the “un-union-trained” construction worker. Without You there would be no us. You matter, and therefore your health matters to us.

When you are unwell on the jobsite, you have what has been coined presenteeism in today’s workforce. When you are unwell, you are unable to perform at your best and give 100% of your attention and skill to your work. You can put yourself and others in jeopardy.

Being well involves much more than just being pain-free. It is more than just excellent blood work results. Being well is impacted by the quality of your sleep, social life, the amount of water (straight H2O) you consume, your financial security and yes, it is impacted by the food you eat. Imagine facing bankruptcy, a scary diagnosis or loss of a loved one — any life changing event — and heading in to work. This is where your wellness program comes in.

While no one can prevent bad things from happening to you, Carpenters Wellness Program has been created to equip you with the necessary tools to feel better day in and day out; to manage daily stress; to make smart financial decisions; to give your body the tools it needs to have the energy it needs. The better you feel, the more well you are, the more energy and focus you will have to get your work done with some left over for your family and friends. This is wellness.

Run by a team of Cerner healthcare providers, wellness champions and your own personal health coach, Carpenters Wellness Program is an online portal where you can engage in earning Incentive Points toward gift cards in our annual Incentive Campaign. Don’t just be present at work and in life. Make the decision to get well. Sign up and log in to find out more about what we can do to support your wellness at