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Article / A Second Chance

A Second Chance.

Ex-offenders face unique challenges.  The stigma of having been convicted and incarcerated shuts the door to many employment opportunities.  Without the ability to find meaningful employment after prison, many ex-offenders see returning to crime as their only way of making money and paying their bills.

The longer they go without a job, the more likely they are to re-offend.
Skills training is one pathway to breaking the cycle of incarceration, release, unemployment - and eventually - returning to crime. 

At the Carpenters Union, we realize that a mistake in someone’s past should not necessarily be a permanent stain that prevents them from rebuilding their lives and moving into a legitimate, well-paying career.

We also happen to be training people in some of the most in-demand jobs in America.  One career survey recently found that 40 percent of employers are having difficulty filling job openings (the highest number since 2007) and the hardest to fill are skilled trades.

U.S. jobs with the most manpower shortage
1. Skilled trades
2. IT staff
3. Sales representatives

Construction contractors are more open to hiring ex-offenders than many other employers, and our union has a proven track record of training them for successful employment.

Find out more about our apprenticeship program here and watch our video here.