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Trade Tips.

Employer payroll fraud takes many forms, and they all give law breakers an unfair edge for stealing jobs from honest companies and employees. Every year, these well-planned schemes steal billions from taxpayers, government agencies, insurers, Social Security, and more.

The Economic Policy Institute estimates that wage theft —the act of withholding pay or not fully paying someone what they are owed —costs workers over $50 billion each year.

This is not solely a labor union issue. Payroll fraud affects the entire construction industry, shrinks public budgets, and even increases health care costs. The Carpenters is dedicated to shutting down this destructive criminal activity, regaining lost tax revenue and protecting honest employers and taxpayers.

You can make a difference in our fight against payroll fraud. 
Watch a video here … and report a fraudulent business here.


Be fair to honest businesses. Fight payroll fraud.