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Article / Mark Mantovani

Mark Mantovani.

Lately, St. Louis County government has been in the news too much for all the wrong reasons. Former officials have gone to prison and promises of better management are drawing many of the same criticisms we’ve seen in the past.

Mark Mantovani, a successful entrepreneur with solid business skills, is offering real solutions for energizing economic development, addressing racial tensions and eliminating secrecy and wasteful spending in public agencies.

Under the current leadership in Clayton, tens of millions of dollars in federal aid intended to assist with the coronavirus pandemic have not gotten proper review or authorization, racial hostility is at an all-time high and momentum has stalled.

We can do better. We must do better.

Mark has earned the support of the Carpenters Union with his attention and commitment to the issues that we care about most. 

Find out why we believe Mark is the right person for the job of St. Louis County Executive by clicking here, and be sure to take a ballot for the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, August 4.