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Article / Victory


All working families of Missouri have reason to celebrate.

So-called “Right to Work” is the law in more than two dozen states, and for the people living in those places, average pay is lower, jobsite safety goes neglected and worker rights are weak…or nonexistent.

Because of voters across the state who stood with working families and voted NO on Prop A, Missouri won’t suffer the same fate. That’s due to thousands of volunteers who worked tirelessly to make sure workers won.

We collected signatures (a record 310,567), recruited volunteers, knocked on doors, called voters and told anyone who would listen the truth about Prop A.

On Election Day, Missouri voters sent a powerful message that they are ready to fight the race to the bottom politics of laws like “Right to Work” that benefit a few at the expense of many.

Thanks to you and many citizens across the Show Me state we can claim victory today.

To everyone who displayed a yard sign or bumper sticker, joined the campaign or helped in any number of ways spreading the message, you have our sincere gratitude. On behalf of hard working men and women everywhere we cannot say thank you enough.

For more than 100 years the Carpenters Union has fought for rights, dignity and fair wages for people from every walk of life. And while this battle has been won, we know there will be others.

Our work has not ended, but neither has our commitment to Missouri.

Thank you,
Al Bond,
Executive Secretary-Treasurer