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Vacation Plan / What Is a Vacation Benefit

What is a Vacation Benefit?

A Vacation Benefit refers to the Vacation  Benefit credit a member earns while working under covered employment. 

Vacation Benefit Credit is payroll deducted by hours worked during each pay period in accordance with the applicable collective bargaining agreement. This is an "after tax" benefit, so employers deduct the vacation portion from the members wages to purchase and withhold payroll taxes from the members' wages. Each June, members are eligible to redeem their Vacation Benefits online on For every hour payroll deducted, the member will receive that amount in either direct deposit or check form once the member authorizes his/her Vacation Benefit Statement in late May. Online redemption requires members to have a personal account. Accounts are available to participants only. Refer to the general Benefit Office FAQ for directions on setting up a personal account.